The future is inclusive, the future is now.

We are entering the dawn of cross platform interactive experiences. The classic methods of advertising for product promotion and brand identity are slowly yielding less return. We require engagement, immediate reward, and expression from our actions in real time. No longer do assertions about product value break through to our full acceptance. We do not want to install another app but we desire highly functional and interactive environments.

This generation has a daily expression ”it’s just an ad”, Something to be forgotten, something in the way, something outside of our experience. For a decade we have slowly integrated name brands into the narratives of our motion pictures without any direct measurement of their effectiveness. We associate these products with the characters that interact with them. We fit ourselves into the position of the protagonist. However, association with character is no longer needed, we are the character, the brand is directly associated in real time.

What is the difference between a website and a game? This gap is now being bridged and through interactivity and cross browser/device game development, we make an advert that someone can go into. The psychological effects for memory retention is optimized. We define the narrative, the idea of product comes to life. Our products are all remnants of memories that had the chance to escape a mind into reality.

The new consumer feels distant from advertisements and we must initiate their engagement. We are experiencing this on every phone, every tablet and every desktop computer. In every train station, hotel room and a airplane. The future is inclusive, and the future is now.

Jesse Wallace

Senior Game Developer – HTML5

MRM McCann Erickson – New York City