Designing Game Assets for Delivery


Contents and topics:

Designing for game Development.

Creating assets ready for delivery.

Designing for game Development.

#1 Layers of Glass


Migrating from print design to game design requires a few different methods of thought. Our first method of thought is the ‘Layers of Glass’ method.  In this method we must think of game elements existing on different layers similar to animation.

First we take the image for a small rocket game design.

We are going to focus on 3 elements here.

  1. Space Ship
  2. Planet
  3. Background Layer


Each item exists independently as they have their own function.  First we have our foreground items (planet and space ship) and our background image.  Remember our players will be on every device so we must optimize to get the smallest file size possible. NOTE: JPG files do not contain an alpha layer which could mean download time when we implement them for backgrounds but horrible for foreground overlays.

#2 Stand alone assets (sprites)

To be continued….


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