About Jesse


International Experience

I have experience living in different countries around the globe.  Much of my time has been spent adapting to different cultures and societies.  I have confidence working and managing abroad and never jeopardize patience and virtue.



For the past seven years I have been turning dreams into reality. Blending small interactive stories into engaging multimedia adventures. I have studied which aspects drive popular games and how to judge value of viral games. I have devoted my time developing interesting interactive works and programming dynamic game engines. With over 30 published games, my knowledge and skills have grown with my connections in the industry.

My recent mobile game SeaFrenzy, a few months ago, was nominated for the chance to compete in the Indie Prize Awards at Casual Connect in San Francisco. I also attend GDC every year and various amounts of conferences related to UX, UI and game design.

I have handled many tasks and worn many hats and am seeking to join a team of developers that share my motivation towards building successful projects. My passion towards design drives my life and defines my future.

– Jesse Jay Wallace

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Jesse Jay Wallace

“Monetizing creativity and making dreams reality for seven years!” – Jesse

Jesse was formally educated in product design at Brunel University in London England.

Jesse received a B.S. and a B.A. in design from San Francisco State University. His main concentrations focused on Mechatronics, Plastic Injection Molding, Automation, Machining, Enviromental Impact and Life Cycle Analysis.

Jesse’s portfolio comprises of over 25 popular viral games and over 5 mobile apps. For past few years Jesse has worked with companys such as MTV/Nickelodeon, Armor Games, Slixmedia, MaxGames and others to create fun entertainments.

You can find me in the mountains.

Adventure Seeking

You can find my Adventure Videos here.


Misc Statistics + Questions and Answers

Highest viewed viral game:

  • Title: Gum Drop Hop
  • Plays: 360,000,000  in 3 Years (1/2 billion to date)
  • Development Time: 3 Weeks

Who builds your games?

I developer all my own games.  This includes story writing; Drawing animations and characters;  Programming and developing a game engine;  Marketing and publishing the final product.

Where are you located?

I have recently moved back to California from Switzerland.

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