Programmer: Jesse Wallace
Bio Extract
Build time: 2.5 Weeks
Client: US ARMY / FOX @ MRM-McCann Erickson
Description: Click Strategy Game
Build time: 3 Weeks
Client: US ARMY / FOX @ MRM-McCann Erickson
Description: Flight Simulator

Programmer: Jesse Wallace | Designer: Jesse Wallace

Wonder Rocket
Build time: 4 Weeks – Publisher: MTV / Nickelodeon
Description: Upgrade Launch Game
The Nog
Build time: 2 Weeks – Publisher: CoolBuddy
Description: Platformer with psychedelic themes
Solar Ball
Build time: 1 Week – Publisher: Cool Buddy
Description: Puzzle game, Pingball / Pool, Physics
Gum Drop Hop 3
Build time: 2.5 Weeks – Publisher: MaxGames
Description: Non-Violent Platformer
Lost Fuid
Build time: 1 Week – Publisher: MTV / Nickelodeon
Description: Sci-Fi Platformer Game / Puzzle Game
lostfluid The Slob
Build time: 2 Weeks – Publisher: PlayHub
Description: Platformer Adventure Game
theslob The Society Game / The Balls of Life
Build time: 3 Weeks – Publisher: MTV / Nickelodeon
Description: Platformer Comedy Game
Bean Fiend
Build time: 2 Weeks – Publisher: NextPlay
Description: Platformer Adventure Game
 Iron Turtle
Build time: 3 Weeks – Publisher: ArmorGames
Description: Puzzle Game
Red Lander
Build time: 3 Days – Publisher: Mathfort
Description: Experimental Education Game
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Science Lab
Red Lander